Before choosing a fishing charter keep in mind the following:

1) Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. Some people do this part time and aren’t necessarily licensed, bonded, or trained. Try to get a license number;

2) If you only like to fish with a particular technique, like trolling, light tackle or fly fishing ask the captain;

3) Do they allow you to keep at least part of the catch?

4) Careful about booking a trip on a boat dock; it’s preferable do a little research beforehand;

5) If you’ve never done this before, try a half-day trip to see how you like it.


Fishing charters range between $500-$900 dollars for a half-day trip (not per person). That may sound pricy, but you have to consider the Captain’s costs: regular maintenance licenses, insurance, docking fees, and providing everyone with bait and tackle, and replacing it regularly.

Fuel costs can run up to $400 dollars/trip.

You can take at least 4 people per trip, so invite a few friends or family members to reduce the cost.


Safety should not be forgotten. Even if you’re on a big comfortable boat. While nothing is likely to happen, as they say, s*t happens. Be it weather or accidents. Make sure that you’re covered.

Therefore, you should ask about the charter’s liability coverage; ask if fitting life-jackets are provided for everyone, or personal floating devices (PFD’s); check if the captain or crew are trained in First Aid or CPR; make sure that the captain is licensed by the United States Coast Guard.

Boat size

If you’re going Deep Sea fishing, boat size is important to consider. Ideally, 32-ft. and up will provide you with a smoother “ride”. For groups of 4 or more, a bigger boat is advisable. Such a boat will also be faster and get you to the fishing areas faster.

We save you time by asking these questions for you. Our goal is to ensure you have the best–and safest, experience and allow you to concentrate on the thrill of the catch.

P.S.:  Keep in mind that these trips don’t include tips for the mates. Many Deep Sea fishing Captains bring a mate to run the lines and help landing the fish. Mates work as hard as the Captain to make sure you have a great time. It is customary to tip 15%-20% of the trip cost. Mates depend on tips to make a living similar to waiters and waitresses.